The Rough Guide to MBus Modules
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Super COMPstation-20A


Apart from the Tatung enclosure and generic 150W PSU, the SCS-20A is a fully-fledged clone of the Sun SPARCstation-20.

The SCS-20A was the first released 50MHz-capable MBus system, beating the SPARCstation-20 to the punch, even though the SCS-20A uses a standard SPARCstation-20 motherboard!

Overheating factors should be very similar to the SPARCstation-20.

Firmware Versions

The SCS-20A can use standard SPARCstation-20 PROMs.

It is possible that Tatung-customised PROMs exist, to support non-Sun peripherals, such as a Tatung-specific framebuffer as the console.

MBus Module Configuration Table

If you are using a Sun SS20 PROM, see SPARCstation-20. Otherwise...
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Mike Spooner, revised 24th November 2000