The Rough Guide to MBus Modules
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Super COMPstation-10


The CS10 MBus runs at 40MHz, with two slots for CPU modules. It is a SPARCstation-10 compatible.

However, the motherboard appears to be a Tatung one, not a Sun one.

Firmware Versions

I have no information on the available firmware PROMs. It is unlikely that the CS10 uses standard Sun SPARCstation-10 PROMs.

Thus the CS10 may not be able to use all the modules that the SPARCstation-10 can.


The CS10 is probably subject to the same overheating risks as the SPARCstation-10.

MBus Module Configuration Table

See SPARCstation-10, remembering that you may be additionally restricted by the available Tatung BootPROMs.

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Mike Spooner, revised 9th June 1999