The Rough Guide to MBus Modules
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Solbourne Series 7

Before we go any further, see Solbourne Series 6E.

The Series 7 CPU boards are basically identical to the Series 6E, except that they can run the intra-board MBus in multiprocessor mode (Level 2 MBus protocol), thus you would be able to fit an MBus module to get two CPUs per board - subject to jumper settings...

To the best of my knowledge, only two Series 7 CPU boards were ever made - and even those were hand-assembled.

All other components are absolutely identical to the Series 6.

Summary: CYM6001K, SM100, HyperSPARC and uncached SuperSPARC modules (eg: SM40) are definately not going to work. A single SM51 or SM61 module can be used to add a second CPU, but may involve an as yet unknown jumper-setting.

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Mike Spooner, revised 28th December 2001