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The Solair-10 is a clone of the Sun SPARCstation-10, except for the Litec "generic metal pizza-box" enclosure.

Based on DSIMM-, framebuffer-, CPU-, QFE-, SunSwift- and PROM-compatibility, I pressume that the Solair-10 uses one of the two types of standard Sun SPARCstation-10 motherboards, rather than a Solair-custom one.

Most tellingly, it can be used with standard Sun 2.9, 2.12 and 2.22 PROM chips and also a standard Ross 2.25R PROM chip, and supports the Sun ZX framebuffer and Sun Quad-Fast-Ethernet SBus card, and takes standard 200-pin SS10 DSIMM memory modules.

It provides two MBus slots which support 40MHz operation, and (see above) just maybe 36MHz if jumpered appropriately.

Although it is not possible to provide a complete configuration table, I would be very surprised if the Solair-10 was not 100% CPU-configuration-compatible with the the SPARCstation-10.

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Mike Spooner, revised 6th January 2005