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Teamserver Es series
Teamserver Hs series


The Fujitsu Teamserver Es and Hs ranges were jointly designed by Fujitsu and ICL as derivatives of the ICL DRS-6000.

The Teamserver Es and Hs both use the same system boards, differing only in number of I/O slots, memory capacity, drive bays, the size of the chassis, and the fact that the standard Hs configuration options include faster CPUs.

They have 2 MBus slots on a single MBus, probably 40MHz.

Due to firmware and the I/O bus structures beyond the MBus, they do not run SunOS 4.x or Solaris, but run an ICL multi-processor derivation of UNIX SVR4.2 called DRS/NX.

The standard Es models are:

The standard Hs models are:

Some Teamservers were supplied by Fujitsu with custom SM41/SM51 modules (and maybe SM71 too); however, these machines are capable of using at least some of the standard Sun SM41/SM51/SM71 modules.

Is it unknown whether the system firmware supports HyperSPARC modules. Even if it does, it is extremely unlikely that modules with RT620D CPUs will work under DRS/NX.

As I know so little about these systems, I cannot advise on firmware revisions needed for particular MBus modules, the set of unsupported but useable MBus modules, or any other issues not covered above.

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Mike Spooner, revised 1st November 2003