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Cray CS6400


The CS6400 is rather like the SPARCcenter-2000 in principle, but there are some significant differences:

Judging from the pictures, the CS6400 cannot use standard MBus/XBus modules, but rather must use CS6400-specific modules (the module PCB layout is completely different). Can someone please confirm this? Confusingly, the CS6400-format CPU modules share the same names as the equivalent 'normal-format' modules: standard CPU options for the CS6400 list "SM51", "SM61", "SM51-2", "SM61-2" modules, with "SM81-2" listed as a standard upgrade.

The latter implies that even the hottest SuperSPARC CPU modules would not overheat any part of the CS6400.

You cannot use HyperSPARC, SM100 or CYM6001K CPU modules in the CS6400.

The CS6400 does "dynamic PROM selection" (within each domain!) in a similar manner to the SPARCcenter-2000, so the issues regarding having the same PROM versions on each system-board within a domain obviously apply.

As I know so little about these systems, I cannot advise on firmware revisions needed for particular CPU modules, distribution of modules across system-boards, or any other issues.

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Mike Spooner, revised 28th June 2002