The Rough Guide to MBus Modules
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Axil 311


The 311 is a SPARCstation-10 clone, providing the full quota of two MBus slots.

The MBus in the 311 normally runs at 40MHz. It is not known whether it is also capable of 36MHz operation, like the SPARCstation-10.

Firmware Versions

I have no information on the available 311 BootPROMs.

The 311 may not support all the modules that the SPARCstation-10 does, depending on available Axil BootPROM revisions.


The 311 may be subject to the same overheating risks as the SPARCstation-10, but then again, it may do rather better.

MBus Module Configuration Table

See SPARCstation-10, remembering that you may be additionally restricted by the available Axil BootPROM levels.

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Mike Spooner, revised 19th November 2000