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Aries Marixx SS-ds

Aries Marixx SS-dt


The Marixx SS-dt is a Sun SPARCengine-10 mounted in an in an Aries desktop chassis.

The SS-ds uses the same system-board mounted in a larger deskside chassis.

NOTE: some later models may actually contain a SPARCengine-20 instead.

The model-numbers for the Marixx families are, eg:

Firmware Versions

It is not clear whether these systems use custom (non-Sun) firmware, for instance to support Aries-specific peripherals. However, I think that is quite unlikely. So see the SPARCstation-10.


The desktop SS-dt may be subject to the same overheating risks as the SPARCstation-10, but then again, it may do rather better.

There should be no problems with the deskside SS-ds.

Mbus Module Configuration Table

See SPARCstation-10.

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Mike Spooner, revised 9th June 1999