The Rough Guide to MBus Modules
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Sun Modules By Part-Number

Some Sun and third-party documents (spare part lists, price lists, bug reports, etc) have conflicting or unbelievable descriptions of a few of these part-numbers - watch out for the question-marks...

The shorthand system-names in the third column indicate which systems the modules were officially supported in. If that support only extends to a single module per bus, it is noted in brackets.

Many modules also work fine in other systems, or work but need additional cooling, or work if a given PROM revision is present, or work but require alternate motherboard jumper settings, or partially work perfectly (!) - eg: SM61-2 modules work fine in the SS10, but only the first Mb of external cache is used in such systems, or: the SM520 works in the SS10, but only the first CPU on the module is used if an SM51 is also present.

However, remember that some modules really don't work in some systems. Or even fit - the SM521 can only be physically installed in a SPARCserver-600 series system.

See the individual system descriptions for all the gory details.

Where specific revisions of a single part-number effect the "officially supported" list, such minor-revision-parts are listed separately, see 501-2270 and 501-2562.

The term SS10 includes SPARCcluster systems, but excludes the SPARCstation-10 model 20 and the SPARCstation-10SX.

The term SC2000 excludes those very early SPARCcenter-2000 systems that had 66MHz control-boards. However, it sometimes includes the SC2000E (this needs fixing).

The term SC1000 sometimes includes the SC1000E (this needs fixing).

370-1864	HS11		SS20
370-1865	HS21		SS20
370-1866	HS11		SS20
370-1867	HS12		SS20
370-2162	HS151		SS20 (1)
501-1301	SM100
501-1388	SM100 		SS6x0
501-1714	SM41
501-1889	SM30		SS10
501-2043	SM52		SS10 (1), Scluster (2?)
501-2214	SM20		SS10 model 20 (1)
501-2215	SM30		SS10 (1)
501-2216	SM21		OEM only
501-2218	SM20		SS10 model 20 (1)
501-2219	SM40		SS10 (1)
501-2239	SM30		SS10 (1)
501-2258	SM41		SS10, SS6x0
501-2270	SM41		SS10, SS6x0
501-2270-04	SM41		SS10, SS6x0, SS1000, SC2000
501-2284	SM412 ?!?!?!
501-2295	SM40		SS10 (1), SS6x0 (1)
501-2317	SM51		
501-2318	SM41 (33MHz)	SC2000 with 66MHz control board
501-2352	SM51		SS10, SS6x0
501-2353	SM51-2		SC2000
501-2358	SM40		SS10
501-2359	SM41		SS10, SS6x0, SC2000
501-2360	SM51		SS10, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2361	SM51		SS10, SS6x0
501-2387	SM51		SS10, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2431	SM52X		SS10
501-2444	SM520		SS6x0 in MBus slot A
501-2445	SM521		SS6x0 in MBus slot B
501-2519	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS1000
501-2520	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-2528	SM50
501-2543	SM61-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-2545	Texas Instruments TMX390Z50 50MHz - CPU chip only?
501-2562-01	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2562-02	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2568	SM50		
501-2570	SM40		SS10, SS10SX
501-2571	SM61		SS20
501-2593	SM81		
501-2601	SM51-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-2607	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0
501-2609	SM52X		SS10, SS10SX
501-2613	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0
501-2617	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS1000
501-2618	SM51-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-2707	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2708	SM50		SS20
501-2712	SM50		
501-2752	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0
501-2754	SM51		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS1000
501-2755	SM51-2		SC2000
501-2756	SM52X		SS10, SS10SX, SS20
501-2757	SM61-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-2769	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20
501-2772	SM61		
501-2780	SM52X		SS10, SS10SX, SS20
501-2782	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20
501-2818	SM91-2		
501-2825	SM61		SS10, SS10SX, SS20, SS6x0, SS1000
501-2904	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-2925	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-2940	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-2953	SM81		SS1000
501-3001	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-3022	SM81-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-3033	SM81		SS1000
501-3098	SM81-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-4130	SM71		SS10 (1), SS20
501-4780	SM81-2		SC2000, CS6400
501-4810	SM81		SS1000, SC2000
501-5056	SM81-2		SC2000E, CS6400

The following are "pseudo-Sun" part-numbers used by some OEMs and resellers:

511-6423	Ross 150MHz HyperSPARC with 512Kb (HM150S-512)
511-6424	Ross 166MHz HyperSPARC with 512Kb (HM166S-512)
511-6326	Ross dual 125MHz HyperSPARC with 1Mb (HM125D-1024)
511-6###	etc.

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Mike Spooner, revised 9th August 2001