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The Rough Guide to MBus Modules

updated 9th May 2006

This site is a reference-guide to CPU configuration of MBus-based computers, and a reference-guide to the available MBus modules.

This is not a general guide for the individual MBus-based systems - you won't find any information about peripherals (VME, SBus, disk drives, etc) nor memory-modules, nor O/S revisions, or indeed anything else, except as deemed necessary to describe the MBus module-configuration issues or to provide some background colour.

Construction of this guide was originally inspired by several questions posted to the comp.sys.sun.hardware newsgroup in 1998, and again a few months later, regarding upgrading a SPARCstation-10.

Recent Updates


All donations of information, corrections, or commentary should be addressed to, where they will be gratefully recieved.

There are a great many "holes" in the information - particularly PROM revisions for many of the older non-Sun systems.

There are several other outstanding questions which need an answer, see "Some Missing Pieces", and also my "to-do" list.

I am especially keen to talk to any past Ross or Fujitsu employees who can contribute information.

The information in this guide has been gathered from a number of sources, including:

Note that older documents started to disappear from SunSolve Online and SunSolve CD releases from 1998 onwards. Many of the "assorted Web sites" have also disappeared, including that of Ross Technologies. A few of the "data" here are my own estimates, and are usually marked by a question-mark. As I don't have access to a hardware-testing laboratory, I cannot guarantee that the information in this guide is 100% accurate, although I certainly hope that it is!

Thus, you use the information contained in the "Rough Guide to MBus Modules" at your own risk. I disclaim any culpability or responsibility for any ill effects caused by use or otherwise of this guide.

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Mike Spooner, revised 9th May 2006